A person sitting with their head in their hands, looking stressed and overwhelmed, indicating anxiety. Call now for effective anxiety counselling.


Fear is a natural response we all feel when we encounter danger. Anxiety is the anticipation of this danger or a fearful situation.  We feel anxious when we encounter some sort of risk. For instance, we might feel anxious related to a job interview or an exam. Anxiety can help us to stay focused to avoid a certain outcome. In this case, it might benefit us to solve a problem in our lives. 

However, when anxiety does not solve a problem, but becomes a coping strategy, it might become debilitating. It may lead to avoidance in many situations.  Anxiety can be related to a specific event/object (like in phobias) or it may be more general life situations (as in case of generalised anxiety). 

We may also feel anxious when there is not a visible or plausible threat. 

There are many ways to mange anxiety, including talking therapies (i.e. counselling, psychotherapy), mindfulness practices, meditation or general self-care routines. 

We are 'wired' to feel safe through connection. Therapy offers this connection; a safe place to help us to identify the main issues and develop our own solutions. Part of this process may involve becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings. Therapy can be very efficient in facilitating this process. During this process we become more connected to ourselves and others around us.  If you would like to know more about how I can help you with anxiety, please get in touch.