We all have a low mood from time to time. We might feel sad that is accompanied by anxiety or anger. When we have a low mood, it usually improves after a few days or when we address the problem that causes our low mood. However, sometimes a low mood persists.

Depression is often described as a persistent low mood that impacts on our lives, our daily functioning. When we have depression, we might find that we feel sad all the time (or most of the time), we may find that our sleep is disrupted or our appetite has changed. Our self-esteem can also be impacted. We might feel tired all the time and withdraw from things that we normally enjoy. Talking about feelings is one of the strategies recommended for dealing with depression.

Talking things through helps us to become aware of our thoughts and process our feelings. Hearing our internal dialogue out with a skilled listener can be an invaluable experience. When we become aware of our experience and express it, we start integrating our thoughts and feelings.